hello. welcome to my small site. my name is Daniil Sivak, i live in Rostov-on-Don and i'm a programmer. currently it's primarily android development and on occasion some scala stuff.
i like to drink tea. black tea with one sugar regardless of the size of the mug. i'm visiting ice rink and playing osu sometimes, so you'll find me there when I'm not coding or studying (it happens).
here are some projects that were written by me or in which i participated (and take a look at my cv):

- itstimetoact - android library that manages events across application sessions.
- sbt-crashlytics - plugin for sbt that makes possible to build fabric-dependent android application.
while working at kinoplan.ru:
- kinoplan-service (1, 2) - android application that monitors cinema's equipment.
- kinoplan-cinema (1, 2, 3, 4, ...) - android project to build customizable cinema applications.
also on the site i'm sometimes sharing some my thoughts, experience and any other stuff i see interesting.