hello there. not a lot of things as of today but still.

tmux git-root window name

my common workflow with tmux is when i’m using several per-project windows and navigating between them. each ‘project’ is usually a git-repo and i’m doing all the things just inside this repo. until recently i had to manually name each window to not fall into the mess of unnamed windows.

i have found that it’s possible to automatically set window’s name according to current directory: link. even more, it is possible to use custom shell command to set it. so, to make your window named as your current pane git repository, you can use the following commands in your tmux.conf:

# sets window name to basename of git-root directory
set -g automatic-rename on
set -g automatic-rename-format '#(basename "$(git -C #{pane_current_path} rev-parse --show-toplevel 2>/dev/null || echo "#{pane_current_path}")")'

with most recent tmux version (tested with 3.3a on linux and osx) it should run ok without any weird stuff.

vim system-wide clipboard

i don’t know why i have not used it yet but it is possible to make vim’s yy (and similar commands) works with system clipboard and across different vim instances:

" enable copying from vim to the system-clipboard
set clipboard=unnamedplus


i have added disqus integration to be able to collect possible feedback.

so, that is all for today. thank you for a reading. good luck, have a nice day.