hello there and welcome to my first article about what i have learned today. i decided to maintain such writings to organize what i’m doing at least somehow.


so, today i felt that my xfce4-terminal need to be replaced with something more modern and more hyped. there were two alternatives: alacritty and kitty. i was not comparing them a lot and picked the second one mostly because of cool name.

i am still looking into its’ numerous features, but only the one came in handy right now: ability to set a different font for a subset of characters. for example, i set nerd-fonts just only for iconic stuff and left my main unpatched font for the rest. read more about it here.

nvim-tree, nvim-telescope

for a long time i have been using vim without any file browser plugin. i had just only ctrlp with ag configured and it was pretty enough to deal with daily routine. but today i realized that it’s time to change things around.

actually i thought nerdtree and ctrlp are still good options but i found them quite outdated. for my happiness there are a lot of handier alternatives, both of them i have found here.

nvim-tree, just like as nvim-telescope have wonderful defaults and quite a lot of things can be configured out of box without almost any pain (maybe just only fonts configuration could hurt you). everything here ‘just works’ and you have not to manually code every damned feature just like it was with nerd-tree and ctrlp.

so, that is all for today. thank you for a reading. good luck, have a nice day.